Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Here is the part two of the turtorial , there is also a big update on


Step 06/skin:

 I started with two diluted layers of citadel foundation paint to get something as uniform as possible.


After that I inked the whole skin or use the Rackham Soil of Avagddu to get inside the details.
Then progressively added the liquitex transparent color to some Vallejo paint that have a shade close to the citadel foundation I was using at the first step .
The foundation are not made to be transparent at all that why I have to use the Vallejo , with the liquitex added , it look like some sort of a gel , as it's really transparent you can get some nice overlay effects and it's quite clean with only few layers.

I like to add a bit of P3 brown ink to the mix to get a bloody/rotting aspect as the brown is actually a bit red/purple. I finished the skin with some pure liquitex transparent (or mixed with a bit of white ) to add some
highlight .