Thursday, July 4, 2013

This blog is not dead ! but he is rotting ...

Dear friends and follower .

Let's face it , I haven't be able to paint a single miniature during the last 4 month,
 I had to move from the south of France to Paris for a job and well...I didn't took anything to paint with me .

My initial plan was to start to paint again for myself in order to play a current edition of the game, but after some play test ,it was such a disappointment , it was like going back to the  3th french editions where it's only about magic weapon infused characters .
 I also realized that I will have to paint much more miniature than initially planned if I wanted to play decently ..
So what's going on now ? I have to move again for at least 3 years for an another job in Tokyo this time .
But I'm going to take some painting equipment with me, 
I don't know yet if I'm going to continue this army as it...

 I just embraced the Horus heresy stuff from forge world.
 so I'm going to run a new blog for a 1500/2000 point army of ...

Adeptus Mechanicus 

I will however keep the John Blanche inspiration for them.

More soon ...